Monday, July 7, 2014

Diffusing Paper Flowers in a Vase. 

Teaching 850 young Artists needs corners cut some days!  Here’s a quick Art lesson that requires minimal prep time.  I need that in a day of 175 children.  Students receive a Color Theory lesson on warm and cool colors and complimentary, and have fun experimenting and watching colors blend.
Color diffusing paper is a fabric-like paper with great texture.  Our class used Mr. Sketch watercolor markers and colored a circle target design on the paper.  We the brushed on water and watch the colors flow and blend to create spectacular patterns and effects. Tye-dye was our inspiration. More marker can be done once paper is dry to add more vibrance.   Once complete, we dabbed a drop on glue and attached to a van Gogh vase poster drawing.  Great end of the year project for Art Show decorations.   They also look great hung in windows, from ceilings, on bulletin boards or anywhere that could use some extra color.

Roylco makes these flowers, and also Sea Life, Leaf and Butterfly Color Diffusing Paper and make a great nature craft or seasonal craft at School and in the classroom. I also cut up large sheets of diffusing paper for our our designs with Snowflakes, Geckos, etc.  Great for all ages and skill levels.

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