Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Nature Study by 5th g.

Exploratory/Observation skills is the focus of this Art Lesson, as students observe and draw from nature.  We are fortunate to have IPADS for all our 4th and 5th g. students, so we use them as a resource for Art.  Students start with a Nature Scavenger Hunt on School property, and seek and photograph the items from the list.  They return to Art Room and draw one item.  I encourage students to draw a Leaf.  Watercolor paints are used with ultra  fine line sharpies for detail.   Above I have their w/c leafs matted with a Birch tree w/c painting we created with removable painters tape and thin sharpies.  Overall...the Art lessons builds how an Artist works from observation to final artwork presentation.  

Nature Scavenger Hunt
Exploratory Observation skills are very important to an Artist/Photographer.  Today you will join up with your partner and look for the items listed below.  Remember not to disturb nature…just observe.  Please take one IPAD outside where you will photograph the items.  The composition of the object should be a close up detail and positive space of 70 % or greater.  Good Luck on your Artist Scavenger Hunt. 
Something Fuzzy
Two kinds of seeds
Something straight
Something rounds
Something smooth
Something rough
Two different types of leaves
A chewed leaf
A rock
A pine cone
Something green
A stick

Your assignment in Art class is to draw one of these items in your sketchbook.  Complete for homework with colored pencil coloring.  

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